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Kosho Learning

Kosho Learning. I have started the writting on Kosho Ryu Harmony in Motion. The Essence of Martial Arts Mastery.

This is going to be as complete a eBook as is possible. And it will be a big book. 
Why am I promoting Kosho so much? Because the martial arts world needs this. It is needs this far more than pressure points.

Pressure Points are actually a study within Kosho Ryu as this was never removed from the teaching. How many martial arts can say this? 

Since I began I martial art journey in 1984 I have watched as the arts have become a commodity rather then a way of life. This eBook, and many love books, will not only teach everything i know about Kosho but also address how to build your current style up with these teachings as I did.

Kosho learning is a greta way forward for the martial arts.

Kosho Learning

Kosho Ryu Kempo is the “style” Jame Mitose taught to his students. He taught a style based on the concepts and principles of Kosho. He taught the block, punches, kicks etc of Kempo also. But he also taught the concepts of Kosho. These concepts have been lost to time for the most part.

This is not what I am teaching. I am teaching the concepts Mitose taught not to his son Thomas, but to Bruce Juchnik. Hanshi Juchnik was a successful school owner and martial artist when he met Mitose. Sensei Mitose did not teach him how to punch and kick. He taught the concepts the movement was created from and the principles of how to actually use the style successfully. 

Plus because of the way his life was he also taught the values of Kosho. Mitose learned from his mistakes. If only we could all do this! 

Also I am putting together 5 new Kosho Ryu Core Concepts Courses. And production is well under way! Here is the information on the new Kosho learrning opportunities. !

1) Kosho Ryu Subtlety of Movement. This course is about take large movement and making it subtle. If you watch the masters of old they had complete control of their bodies and thereby the opponent. This is a LOST art today. Basic training was and is no longer evolved. This course will help to correct this!

2) Kosho Ryu Insights – Yin Yang Octagon. Many people believe they understand what the Yin/Yang symbol means and how its theories and concepts apply. But very few really do. Most have a superficial understanding. And I was one of them. But each time I look into it I learn more. This all new course will reflect this!

3) Kosho Ryu Insights – Power vs Force. This is perhaps the most important course I have ever done. In our changing world it is critical to understand the difference. Today FORCE is used everywhere. But FORCE will fail. You must understand what true POWER is!

4) Kosho Ryu Psychology of Attack. Now the “power that pretend to be” are saying there is nothing wrong here. But the truth is mental illness is off the scale in the west. You need to be able to spot problems before they happen, and know how to deal with this issue. There are crazies out there! And when they believe they are being challenged turn violent!

5) Kosho Ryu Insights Advanced Pressure Point Principles. In my video course Pressure Points of Kosho Ryu I addressed how to strike pressure points in an actual altercation. When the attacker is NOT going to stand still and allow you to target him. Now I am going to the same with the Kyusho Jitsu principles.

Kosho Learning in Conclusion

Personally I love the path of Kosho learning. And I am really hopeing you will join me on this amazing journey. And I also want to thank you for reading this articled called Kosho Learning. Discover what is new! The information will not be new for long, and this journey is also endless which means there is something some to learn.

And that is the reason I love it so much. If you are new to Kosho Ryu below there is a FREE 5 Lesson Kosho Mini Course I suggest enrolling for. And for other Kosho learning beyond this make sure to grab my Introduction to Kosho Ryu Video Course.


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I hope you enjoyed this article Kosho Learning. Discover what is new!

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

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