Kosho Ryu on TikTok. What made me join?

Kosho Ryu on TikTok
Kosho Ryu on TikTok

Kosho Ryu on TikTok. I cannot believe I have done this, but I am on TikTok with Kosho Ryu. Facebook is dying and people are going there! It was suggested to me by a female bartender that I needed to be on TikTok or I was missing out. And to claim my place on the plateform.

Our conversation was facinating. When we talked about what I did for living and she found out I was teaching “values based” martial art and not sport she asked if I was on TikTok.

She is a devotoutly Christian woman and believes that the moral fabric of society is gone. And I agree with her!

I considered her words and joined.

You can find Kosho Ryu International now right here under my name.

Kosho Ryu on TikTok

When I browsed the app on my phone I was shocked at how much mindless crap is there. It saws a lot about the status of the world. Zombies staring at a phone screen. Yet, there are some real gems on the app. Therefore it is time for Kosho Ryu on TikTok.

There is a lot of martial arts. But aside from some decent “Master Ken” like comedy the majority was just martial artists trying to “show off” their skills. Looks like dance in many ways.

One man, a TKD guy showing his 3 level roundhouse kick. While flexibility was OK the mechanics were terrible. Yet everyone loved it.

To me TikTok represents a teaching opportunity. And I am a teacher, not a showman. The martial arts industry is personality driven, and that is OK. But it is best to take the chance to spread the real benefits of the arts rather than more “i love me” vidoes.

Kosho Ryu on TikTok

Above is a Youtube version of a TikTok video!

Thus far this video has done well on TikTok and extremely well on YouTube which suprises me. Perhaps they have cut back on their censorship and targeting of people pushing self improvement?

That is an interesting idea. That is it for this short post. Follow me on TikTok if you are there, and here is also my YouTube channel. I am not planning to go back and doing the things I did on YouTube that did not work before, but I will keep forwarding these short videos from TokTok as long as they get views.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

Vă mulțumesc pentru timpul acordat și o zi minunată! Continua sa inveti!

Al vostru în arte,
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Grand Master Art Mason
Grand Master Art Mason


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