Living through humility by example. Live life with meaning

Living through humility by example

“Living through humility by example” encapsulates not just a personal ethos but a transformative philosophy derived from the ancient teachings of Kosho Ryu.

This wisdom, immortalized on a plaque awarded to me in early 2001, not only commemorated my dedication to Kosho Ryu but has since been a guiding beacon in the dojo I established in March 2000.

This dojo, a physical manifestation of my journey, continues to uphold the Black Belt Creed, a testament to living, teaching, training, learning and leading through humility by example. Any action can be placed within this phrase.

Living through humility by example

In a world saturated with excess—overeating, excessive TV watching, smoking, and an overwhelming presence on social media—this principle of humility stands as a beacon of moderation and purpose. It appears that the proliferation of extreme ideologies among the youth stems from a lack of exposure to the foundational value of humility. This concept does more than imbue life with meaning; it reintroduces the often-forgotten virtue of responsibility, especially in debates surrounding rights without the accompanying duties.

As a proponent of peace, my stance is rooted in contemplation and the wisdom of choosing battles wisely. The essence of Kosho Ryu, “to do no harm,” extends beyond the confines of martial arts to offer a universal principle applicable across all faiths and walks of life. This philosophy champions non-violence and conflict resolution without physical confrontation, embodying the pinnacle of self-defense—where true strength is measured not by contact but by restraint.

Living through humility by example

My commitment to discipline, a self-imposed discipline, has liberated me from the constraints of external circumstances, allowing me to navigate life with a sense of freedom and purpose. Kosho Ryu’s core teachings further illuminate this path:

  • Your perception is equal to your reality.” This principle reveals the power of perspective; a negative outlook breeds discontent, while a positive view cultivates joy and gratitude. My love for my chosen home is a reflection of this positivity.
  • Your opinion is equal to your illusion.” In an era overwhelmed by opinions, this teaching urges a return to reality, to see beyond the veil of subjective views.
  • Your love is equal to your forgiveness.” This profound insight underscores forgiveness as a self-liberating act, echoing the Christian ethos of forgiveness and love. My dedication to rescuing dogs stems from this unconditional love and forgiveness, not for profit, but for the love of creation.

The call for a new paradigm, grounded in humility and exemplified through action, is more pressing than ever. I strive to lead by example, refusing to advocate for actions I would not undertake myself, and shunning the allure of public adulation in favor of genuine self-improvement. This journey towards humility is not about seeking greatness but about evolving into a better version of oneself with each passing day.


Living through humility by example” offers a solid foundation for a fulfilling life, emphasizing the importance of integrity, responsibility, and the transformative power of humility. This creed, central to the ethos of my dojo and my life, invites us all to reflect on the profound impact humility can have on our lives and the world around us.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason


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