Violence Today in America. One way to protect yourself.

Violence Today in America

I have been sounding a self defense alarm for decades. And for the most part it falls on deaf ears. Violence Today in America is epidemic.

I got a message from a dear friend yesterday because her husband is in the hospital. Now this is not the topic, but rather the ARMED and Armored police guarding the entrances. Armed with automatic weapons and riot gear.

She asked one officer about it. The reason? Attacks on Doctors for their evil and unethical acts, protecting their jobs and not fulfulling their oath, in the last 3 plus years. Saw this coming too! Injecting people and trying to force inject people with untested chemicals so they can make trillions of dollars MORE.

I have NO RESPECT for the industry because it should NEVER have been an industry. And KARMA is a bitch. i cannot feel compassion for these men and women.  I do not care what happens to them.

But this is alarming for more than just this revenge motive. 

Violence Today in America

Violence underlines society, it has been enabled and endorsed by what is going on in the media, on the streets and in entertainment. And the FAKE US government is at the core of this. But I regress in my rant.

The number ONE priority of a martial art is self defense. And if you think your titles, your awards and your Dan ranks impress the crazies running the streets of American then more power to you. But I do not agree. Violence Today in America is off the scales.

And what are the alleged “authorities” doing about this? They are contributing to make it worse.

And surpisingly in the most legally armed country in the world they are getting away with it. And it is the constitutional right of the people to remove said government in these circumstances.


Violence Today in America

I teach the “art of escape.” And many do not find this exciting enough to pursue. Does that not tell you something about the state of the martial arts? The job of a teacher is not to entertain but to educate. And if the student does not do the work, well they suffer the consequences. 

I created the website Kosho Ryu International to promote the learning of the most important martial art in the world. One that is complete and preparatory. When all others have been watered down.

I added my 5 Lesson Kosho Ryu Mini Course to it, which is free, to see how many completed the training. Completed the 5 lessons. About 5% complete the work. I have had many who study with me, some with 50 years in the arts, tell me Kosho Ryu is the greatest information they have ever seen. 

I guess these people are sure when the shit hits the fan that they can stand and fight. I pray they are right!

I walked my Huskies at 2:00 am this morning. The ONLY thing happened here was a man stopped to pet them. Can you do this in Chicago? Why not? Does this not concern you?

Cities like Chicago and New York, to name a few must like the fact their citizens are not safe as they do nothing about it. But they do love to virtue signal and promote special interest groups who cause all the violence. Is this not treason?

Violence Today in America

Myself I am so glad I am not an American or live in the country. So, for those Americans reading this statement. Bet you never expected to hear that in your lifetime? Yet I hear it a lot.

And if you are waiting for a presidential election to fix this you are a fool. Politics caused this. Political science is the art of tell lies. And I do not expect the military to do its job either, which is to protect the PEOPLE not the government from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.

Violence Today in America. Venezuela is safer.

Is there a way back? It will take a long time. But it must be done one person at a time. And it only begins with the self. Take care of your own. Train for REAL in the martial arts. Forget the awards, the ranks and sport.

Learn to escape first, and then if you cannot escape to handle the situation quickly. Violence Today in America is off the charts.

In conclusion

Back a few years ago I wrote an article linked here called a Martial Artist is NOT a Self Defense Expert. This is even more true today. Violence Today in America shows it.

Above I spoke of the FREE Kosho Ryu Lesson mini course. Below you can enroll in it. But finish it! And when you are done get my Introduction to Kosho Ryu Course. That is enough when you train with it to make a big difference in what you are doing.


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Thank you for taking time from your day to read my rant on the Violence Today in America.

Have a great day!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason


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