Kosho Ryu Harmony in Motion. The Essence of Martial Arts Mastery

Kosho Ryu Harmony in Motion. The Essence of Martial Arts Mastery

Introducing “Kosho Ryu Harmony in Motion: The Essence of Martial Arts Mastery,” a groundbreaking eBook by Grand Master Art Mason. Discover the profound teachings on the authentic essence of mastering the Natural Laws of Kosho Ryu.

Kosho Ryu transcends the conventional notion of a martial arts style; instead, it is a comprehensive discipline, a profound study that delves into the very essence of martial arts mastery.

In contrast to many martial arts that primarily focus on reactive techniques, Kosho Ryu stands out as a complete martial art, emphasizing preparation and proactive skills.

It’s a holistic approach that sets it apart from the majority of martial arts taught today.

More than just a physical activity, Kosho Ryu represents a life path—an enriching journey that extends beyond the boundaries of childhood pastimes or mere sports, setting it apart from contemporary martial systems.

Unlock the secrets of Kosho Ryu, and embark on a transformative exploration of martial arts that goes beyond the ordinary. Master the Natural Laws and elevate your understanding with Grand Master Art Mason’s profound insights.

Kosho Ryu Harmony in Motion

Explore the depth of martial arts wisdom with “Kosho Ryu Harmony in Motion: The Essence of Martial Arts Mastery.” This exclusive eBook is a comprehensive compilation of my life’s teachings on Kosho and the Octagon—an embodiment of everything I’ve ever learned.

Exclusively available on Kosho Ryu International, this book is not just a collection of techniques; it is a dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and mastery. It aligns with the essence of Kosho itself—a complete guide that transcends the ordinary.

What does Kosho Ryu Harmony in Motion: The Essence of Martial Arts Mastery offer?

  • History of Kosho Ryu: Delve into the roots and evolution of Kosho Ryu, tracing its journey through time.
  • James Mitose Controversy: Explore the intriguing aspects surrounding James Mitose and the controversies that have surrounded his legacy.
  • True Lineage of Kosho Ryu: Uncover the authentic lineage of Kosho Ryu, providing clarity on its origins and heritage.
  • The Meaning of the Kosho Crest: Understand the symbolism and significance behind the Kosho Crest, unlocking layers of profound meaning.
  • Philosophy of Kosho: Understand the philosophy you understand the art.
  • Octagon: Discover the secrets and principles hidden within the Octagon, a fundamental aspect of Kosho Ryu.
  • Concepts and Theories of Kosho in Detail: Delve into the intricacies of Kosho’s unique concepts and theories, gaining a deeper understanding of its philosophy.
  • Expansion of the Art: Learn how Kosho Ryu extends beyond its traditional boundaries, embracing growth and evolution.
  • Integration with Your Current System: Explore ways to seamlessly integrate the principles of Kosho Ryu into your existing martial arts system.

And much more awaits you in this A to Z eBook! What’s listed above merely scratches the surface. This is not just a book; it’s a complete guide—an unparalleled resource that stands alone, offering insights and knowledge not found anywhere else. Elevate your understanding and embark on a transformative journey with this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Kosho Ryu Harmony in Motion

Embark on a journey guided by someone who, like you, started as a student and continues to learn—a testament to the enduring pursuit of martial arts excellence. My martial arts odyssey commenced in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, in 1984, where I immersed myself in a Hapkido/Tae Kwon Do system. For 16 years, I dedicated myself to this discipline, reaching the esteemed rank of 4th Dan Black Belt and serving as the senior practicing student. However, a profound desire for continued growth led me to part ways with my first teacher in 2000.

Enter a transformative chapter in my martial arts exploration when I crossed paths with Dave Degrouchie, founder of the World Budo Alliance. Through this connection, I encountered esteemed martial arts luminaries such as Mark Shuey of Cane Masters, Soke Raymond Hayes, Soke Dano Meadows, Grand Master Scott Shaw, and others.

My journey into Kosho and the Octagon began with Soke Hayes, and subsequently, Shidoshi Richard Buchan formally initiated me into the realms of Kosho Ryu. The impact of this training reverberated through every facet of our art and Dojo. While my path diverged from Buchan’s after approximately a year and a half, I delved into the teachings of Hanshi Bruce Juchnik, maintaining a quiet dedication for over two decades before venturing beyond.

Why entrust me with teaching Kosho Ryu? Simply put, I am a perpetual student—24 years full-time and counting. The journey is ongoing, and my commitment to learning remains unwavering. I invite you to join me on this continuous quest for knowledge, growth, and mastery.

Kosho Ryu Harmony in Motion: The Essence of Martial Arts Mastery. This a must have for any serious Martial Artist!

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