Narcissism in Martial Arts: How to Battle this Dangerous Mental Illness.

Narcissism in Martial Arts

Narcissism in Martial Arts: In an enlightening conversation that unfolded recently, a highly motivated student came to me with an intriguing question: “Can I teach this?”

Without hesitation, my answer was a resounding “Lord Yes!” As someone deeply embedded in the world of martial arts, and indeed, any discipline grounded in its principles, I hold a steadfast belief in the power of freely sharing knowledge.

The notion of hoarding information, often seen as a manifestation of narcissism, is something I categorically reject.

The martial arts community finds itself at a crossroads, contending with the pervasive challenge of narcissism. This is a phenomenon greatly exacerbated by social media platforms, with Facebook being a prime example. Such platforms have regrettably turned into breeding grounds for pretense and the propagation of untruths. While I engage with Facebook to disseminate articles and insights on martial arts, I am acutely aware of, and critical towards, its role in fostering narcissistic tendencies. Facebook has bred Narcissism in Martial Arts.

Narcissism in Martial Arts:

Narcissism, characterized by an excessive preoccupation with oneself, an overinflated sense of self-importance, and a discernible lack of empathy, spans a broad spectrum. This range covers everything from benign self-focus all the way to the debilitating condition known as narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). It encapsulates a variety from slight vanity to severe issues in interpersonal relationships. Those with NPD typically crave excessive admiration, exhibit a sense of entitlement, exploit others, and are either envious or believe they are the subject of envy.

In our digital era, a degree of narcissism might appear to be the norm. ow every it is not normal and encouraged by social media’s “pretend to be what you are not.” However, when it hinders the ability to forge empathetic, healthy connections, it raises significant concerns, potentially necessitating intervention.

Narcissism in Martial Arts:

One might wonder, when observing a seasoned master showcasing his physique, whether this borders on narcissism. From my perspective, it indeed does. Such displays stray far from the humility and respect that form the bedrock of martial arts. Our bodies should be treated with respect, not flaunted for admiration.

Narcissists often resort to lying and secrecy, further alienating themselves from the core values of martial arts. True practitioners are committed to lifelong learning, acknowledging that mastery is a continuous journey, rather than a destination. My philosophy is to teach everything I learn openly and without reservation. While this stance may not be universally accepted, a diversity of viewpoints is vital, as long as we all remain committed to growth and learning.

I advocate for a martial arts practice characterized by openness, continual learning, and the unfettered sharing of knowledge, devoid of the dark cloud of narcissism in Martial Arts:.

In an age where genuine connection and awareness seem increasingly scarce, overshadowed by the superficial glow of screens and the incessant buzz of social media, I find refuge and purpose in the enduring principles of Kosho Ryu. This martial art transcends mere physical discipline; it represents a comprehensive life journey, rich in wisdom and insight far exceeding the confines of the dojo.

Narcissism in Martial Arts:

Narcissism in Martial Arts: Kosho Ryu implores us to remain present, to live fully, and to interact with our environment with intention and clarity. This stands in stark contrast to the distracted and superficial life that has become all too common today. The digital detachment prevalent in our society has led to a world where people, akin to modern-day zombies, wander aimlessly, their gaze fixed on their phones, blind to the beauty of the world and the depth of real human interaction.

Inspired by these observations, I aimed to distill the essence of Kosho Ryu into something tangible, a beacon for those yearning to break free from the digital stupor. The result is my eBook, “Kosho Ryu: The Awakened Mind,” first penned in June 2023 and now available in its second edition. This book is not merely the product of extensive study and reflection; it is an earnest invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

But ONLY for those who read this article, I am offering this guide to awakening at a special rate of only $7, making its invaluable insights accessible to all seekers. Regularly priced at $49.97, the eBook is more than a mere read; it is an investment in your personal journey towards understanding life’s deeper truths through the lens of Kosho Ryu.

This is an invitation to explore a less-trodden path, promising a richer, more connected experience of life. For the cost of a coffee, you can commence a transformative exploration of self and the world around you.


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