Disrespect in Martial Arts: Bring back respect NOW!

Disrespect in Martial Arts

Disrespect in Martial Arts: A Personal Reflection. In the intricate world of martial arts, respect stands as a cornerstone, reflecting the essence of its philosophy and practice. As a person who embraces a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to life and martial arts, I deeply value respect and cannot overlook its absence.

My journey into Kosho Ryu began in 2000 under the guidance of Shidoshi Richard Buchan, a figure surrounded by controversy—a trait I find neither uncommon nor unwelcome in the realm of martial arts. However, my path diverged from his due to concerns over the motives behind his teachings, despite the controversy that often accompanies both of us.

Disrespect in Martial Arts

Despite warnings about Shidoshi Buchan, my quest for martial arts wisdom led me to continue my studies with Hanshi Bruce Juchnik and his video products, whose teachings became the foundation of our dojo, Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors. With 18 years of experience in the arts by 2002, my commitment to martial arts was unshakeable, and my pursuit of knowledge unwavering.

In my interactions with the martial arts community, I have always placed a high value on family and the personal connections that enrich our journey. This was exemplified during a training session with Shidoshi Buchan, where I had the pleasure of meeting his family. Such experiences underscore my belief in the importance of community and personal relationships within the martial arts.

In 2021, my desire to delve deeper into Juchnik’s teachings led to a direct conversation with him, revealing he was teaching Adam Buchan, Shidoshi’s son. This interaction, while initially promising, eventually led me to decide against re-engaging with the Buchan family, a decision further solidified by my disdain for social media platforms like Facebook.

Disrespect in Martial Arts

Adam’s attempts to connect, including an unexplained message urging me to “do the right thing and call me” only served to reinforce my reservations. His later actions, particularly a disrespectful comment on social media about my Dog Rescue, highlighted a concerning disregard for the principle of respect—a principle I hold dear and expect from those within the martial arts community. Disrespect in Martial Arts is a BIG problem.

This is the image he was commenting on when he said, “you are a nut.” If you do not like Dogs, we HAVE NOTHING TO DISCUSS. And since he is NOT on my “friend list” this means he is trolling me. Wanna play? I will sniff your IP and block you right at your provider.

With four decades of dedication to martial arts, my focus has always been on the pursuit of knowledge and the philosophical underpinnings of Kosho Ryu, rather than on ranks or accolades. Kosho Ryu, with its emphasis on the study of Natural Laws, offers invaluable insights for any martial artist. It’s a discipline that I continue to teach and share, emphasizing the importance of respect, humility, and lifelong learning.

Disrespect in Martial Arts is NOT what Kosho Ryu teaches and violates Kosho at is core.

As I reflect on these experiences from my home in Romania, my hope is for the martial arts community to remember the foundational values of respect and integrity. These are not just ideals, but essential practices that define us as martial artists and individuals. To those navigating the complex landscape of martial arts, let us lead by example, fostering a culture of respect, understanding, and mutual growth.

Disrespect in Martial Arts, well you disappoint me young man. I think you have likely done the same to your father. And this is also a sad reflection and disrespect to Hanshi Juchnik. You have MUCH to learn. If you had asked to work together, we may have talked. But that ship has sailed.

Thank you for reading Disrespect in Martial Arts. We have a problem in the arts, and for it to survive we must get back to the ways of old. Please visit the History of Kosho Ryu here.

Updated April 8th 2024

Adam Buchan Threats
Adam Buchan Threats

Here is what was sent to me via FB April 8th. I am turning this over to Kara Borshuk to deal with. She will contact a lawyer and make his life a living hell.

Wanna play little boy?

I do not get bullied, period.

You never reply to this type of mental illness as you will only make it worse.

I cannot wait to see the video, more for my lawyer for defamation.

Plus, NO ONE HAS THE RIGHTS TO A MARTIAL ARTS NAME. And who is he to make these threats?

Plus, he thinks I live in Canada, I think.

Another self-righteous example of what is wrong in the martial arts world today.


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Thank you for your time. Respect is a core value in the martial arts, and disrespect can NOT be tolerated.

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