My Journey with Kosho Ryu: How to aquire true knowledge

My Journey with Kosho Ryu

My Journey with Kosho Ryu: The Endless Pursuit of Mastery.

In the world of martial arts, the pursuit of knowledge is not merely a journey—it’s a declaration of one’s dedication to growth, understanding, and the relentless quest for excellence. Today, I wish to share with you my personal voyage into the depths of Kosho Ryu,

a path that has not only shaped my understanding of martial arts but also offered profound lessons on the essence of learning and mastery.

The Genesis of a Lifelong Quest

My Journey with Kosho Ryu all began in the year 2000, within the humble confines of my dojo. From the outset, I was captivated by the wisdom of Kosho, a discipline that promised not just physical prowessbut a deeper connection to the spiritual and philosophical aspects of martial arts. This was not a journey embarked upon lightly; it was a commitment to transform, to challenge the limits of my own understanding and abilities.

My initiation into Kosho Ryu was under the controversial yet enlightening tutelage of Richard Buchan, a direct disciple of Hanshi Juchnik. This period was marked by rigorous training, philosophical debates, and, most importantly, the kindling of a fire that would drive me to delve deeper into the teachings of Juchnik. Despite the divergence of paths with Buchan, my resolve only strengthened, propelling me on a quest that has spanned over two decades.

Confronting Skepticism and Embracing the Path

My Journey with Kosho Ryu has not been without its challenges. Skepticism regarding my connection to Mitose’s lineage surfaced, casting shadows of doubt over my legitimacy. Let me address this unequivocally: my lineage, while inspired by the traditions of Kosho Ryu, is not tied to Mitose. Instead, it is rooted in the profound teachings and guidance of Hanshi Bruce Juchnik, the 22nd Grand Master, whose endorsement by James Mitose himself is beyond reproach.

A recent encounter with a critic, questioning my proficiency and lineage, served as a poignant reminder of why my pursuit of Kosho Ryu is about much more than historical connections. It’s a pursuit grounded in the belief that knowledge, understanding, and the pursuit of mastery transcend the confines of history and lineage.

Why My Journey with Kosho Ryu?

You may wonder why I have dedicated my life to the teaching and practice of Kosho Ryu. The answer lies in the unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge it offers. Kosho Ryu is not merely a martial art; it is a comprehensive system that encompasses the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of human potential. It teaches us not just how to defend ourselves but how to live with purpose, integrity, and wisdom.

In my Journey with Kosho Ryu my aim is not just to pass on techniques but to kindle a flame of inquiry, resilience, and perpetual growth. Unlike the critic who feared his knowledge would die with him, I believe in sharing, expanding, and perpetuating the wisdom of Kosho Ryu for generations to come.

An Invitation to Explore

Whether you are a seasoned martial artist or a curious seeker, I encourage you to explore the teachings of Hanshi Bruce Juchnik and the Warriors Scholar Library. Therein lies a treasure trove of knowledge, waiting to enrich your understanding of not just Kosho Ryu, but of life itself.

In closing, I invite you to join me in this endless pursuit of mastery. Let us journey together, with open hearts and minds, ever eager to learn, grow, and transcend our limitations.

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