Kosho Ryu Art of Escape: How vulnerable is the human body?

Kosho Ryu Art of Escape
Kosho Ryu Art of Escape

Kosho Ryu Art of Escape! I was asked a question recently on how vulnerable the human body is. I think the answer to the question is obvious. If you follow this LINK to an article on my Kyusho Jitsu blog about knife attacks you can see just how vulnerable the body is. Part way down you will find a button to reveal some images.

However this leads to something far more important. And that is just how important the Kosho Ryu Art of Escape is. And this is a 2 fold benefit also. You prevent harm to yourself as well as the attacker. The idea, if possible is to show the attacker his or her wrong doing. This is the higher art, Kosho Ryu Art of Escape.

Kosho Ryu Art of Escape

However there are times when you cannot stop the attacker without doing harm. But they have made the choice and if this attack is vidoed the courts will agree with the self defense plea.

Today with everyone having a movie studio on their phones everything gets vidoed. And these videos are often edited to favor the aggressor. The truth is often times shrowed in a cloak of lies. Lies are virtue in the 21st century.

To escape by learning the Kosho Ryu Art of Escape is the very best solution! And if the aggressor wishes to continue his or her assult their movement causes them to run into any weapons you put in their path.

James Mitose stated that “in true self defense there is no body contact.” And many mock this stattement. My question to these “people” is “do we have the right to hurt another humanbeing” just because we are upset with them?

The western culture today has glorified violence with sport martial art, which is not martial arts at all. This is a test of nothing! And I do have lots of experience. Not only did I wrestle and box but completed in the TKD circuits for about 8 years. There was zero benefit!

Unless injury is a benefit. Learning Kosho Ryu Art of Escape is different. This has a lifetime of benefits.

Kosho Ryu Art of Escape

I am not sayng sport should be outlawed. But I am saying it needs to “know its place.” And that is about 1% of a legitmate martial art. MMA it is 100% sport. The average life expectency of a MMA player is 18 months. I met one young man many years ago training at an MMA studio is Windsor On who at 18 had a lifetime neck injury from the training. He was done, and for what benefit? Stroke his ego. How sad.

The ower of this “dojo” is a worm and tried to put me out of business. I was warned of this by his teacher.

I am 40 years in the arts. Who has benefitted me or the MMA guy? My injuries come from high risk kicks and some “sport” fighting. Nt from general training.

Kosho Ryu Art of Escape is a path to learning. It is a complete martial art because the learning never stops. There is always more to learn. It is not about rank it is about knowledge. It is not about fighting but about “fighting without fighting.” Conflict resolution. But if need be the skills are there to handle any situation.

But what if you cannot escape? An example is if you are with your wife or children. If you escape they may be caught in the line of fire. As I stated Kosho is a complete martial art. This is all covered.

I watched a video the other day from another “self defense expert” showing how he deals with a MASS attack. It was cute. But the attackers were holding back. Had they wanted to hurt him they would have. He was reacting to the attack and actually trying to BLOCK punches. Yeah I teach that to coloured belts and then progress it to Octagon. Everything in its time.

This will it looks good would not work in real life. Unless the attackers were not serious. My advice to this instructor is go learn some Systema, they handle mass attacks well and while they do not say Octagon they use it.

You must study a preparatory art, Kosho Ryu Art of Escape and then move to avoid the incoming assault. Kosho ONLY works when the attacker is trying to hurt you. Waza and techniques ONLY WORK when the attacker is NOT trying to hurt you

Waza is not real life. But the Kosho concepts can be applied to real life.

Now many, escpecially the younger folk will not hear my words. They are where they are in life. See what they ahve to say in a few years when the injuries pile up. Let’s continue with Kosho Ryu Art of Escape.

Kosho Ryu Art of Escape

I was asked to discuss how vulnerable the human body is. Ever been cut by a knife? Punched in the face? Burned? Hit your head? The results are the same for everyone.

Apparent I once did a video on the topic. But I do not recall. I have done thousands of videos. I delete over 5000 on YouTube a few years back. I also spoke of Brock Lesner. He is a big dude, but muscle does not mean anything. It cuts too. I have had muscle tear themselves apart being struck. Happened with my right biceps. I had to have surgery to repair the damage.

A big section of the muscle is missing.

To a properly training martial artist size means nothing, age means nothing. But in sport size and age are everything. Sport is a GAME, not real life no matter who wishes to pretend it is.

Maybe it is my age showing, but the tough guy gimic is foolish.

But the truth is those big men are more prown to injuries than the average man is. Look at Terry Bollea better known as Hulk Hogan the former wrestling star. He is now 70 and has had his entire spine fused, two knee replacements, two hip replacements and a shoulder I believe. He is in pain 24/7 and now thanks to God in his life is “pharma” free. No pain killers. That is a proven death sentence and should not be legal. Big pharma is about PROFIT not health or wellbeing.

If size made you invincible he, Hulk Hogan would not be in the state he is. The “outcome” of wrestling matches is predetermined to tell a story. But the injuries and risks are all real. I wanted to be a pro wrestler when I was in my late teens and early 20′. I have talked with many pros about the business and have the truth. One of my father;s closest friends was a pro wrestler.

I am 64 as of this writing. My knees are shot, my hips are bad and one shoulder is also messed up. The hands have taken a beating also. I take NOTHING for any of this, no drugs ever. But it also shows the FACTS over the propaganda. This man asking the question believes what the MMA and the “fitness” industry are selling. 

Pressure Point study exploits weak areas of the body. Those that are weaken then others. But you cannot target a moving person. But once you understand motion you can target the meridians because of the very predictable attackers movement. And at advanced study you can begin to hit certain pressure points. That is because you are not reacting to the attacker.

If you want to know more about these pressure points grab my 10 Most Painful Pressure Points PDF here.

This is why I focus so much on the “art of escape.” The natural laws that come from Kosho Ryu and the Octagon. I am TOO OLD and WISE to stand toe to toe with some egotistical douchebag and try to prove anything.  I practice Kosho Ryu Art of Escape.

And their challenges mean nothing to me either. And I have had many challenges over the years too.

Kosho Ryu Art of Escape in Conclusion

Kosho Ryu Art of Escape: Kosho Ryu allows you to take control of the attack, avoid the incoming assault, walk away or do damage if necessary. 

I addressed this question, which does not need addressing simply because I could talk about escape. If you do not think your body is vunerable go hit your hand with a hammer and see. Or find Lesner and hit him with one. It will hurt him and he will hurt you!

I will also comment that decades ago when I was working at Chrysler Canada I was walking back to my job from lunch. I hit my forearm at LI-10 on a stock bin. My arm was numb from the elbow to the fingers. The nurse told me I had hit a nerve bundle. That got me thinking about pressure points for the first time. This was about 1995.

Thank you for reading Kosho Ryu Art of Escape.

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